Telstra Uses Hologram To Pray For Obi-Wan Kenobi To Save Them


The very first thing we noticed about this story is that Dr Hugh Bradlow (Telstra's Chief Technology Officer) looks absolutely nothing like Princess Leia. The second thing was that he was wearing the wrong coloured suit to be an evil Sith Lord controlling the Empire through lies, deceit and just a little bit of conniving brilliance.

So why would anybody who wasn't a Sith Lord or a Alderanian Princess want to become a hologram? Especially a hologram in Adelaide? Well, the reason was to witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station show off the blistering speeds of Telstra's Next IP system.

The technology, which at the moment isn't commercially available, has potential applications in both business and education. It involves a HD camcorder recording the subject, and then a special projector to beam a 3D hologram in real time. The subject can see what's happening where his hologram is thanks to a flat panel display streaming a (2D) video of the room.

According to Telstra, the hologram technology is about 4-5 years away for businesses because of the significant cost.

It's an exciting technology. I just hope that the next Telstra AGM doesn't involve SOl being beamed in wearing a black hoodie.


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