Submersible Speaker Looks Like Sci-Fi Prop, is Wireless, Illuminating

Looking like something Kubrick would've had lying around on the deck of his movie spacecraft, this speaker is designed to add some tunes to your poolside frolicking. Submersible down to 2.7 metres for up to 30 minutes, it's also weatherproof so can tolerate exposure to the elements. It connects wirelessly to a powered transmitter-dock with an audio-in for an MP3 player, has a range of 45 metres and around a six hour battery life. One transmitter can even support up to 10 speakers. Each speaker also has four ultra-bright LED lights: adding a little moody illumination to your nighttime skinny-dip, perhaps? Available now for US$149.99 for base and a speaker, extra speakers are US$99.99. [NeimanMarcus via 7Gadgets]


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