Sprint Spending $100 Million to Kick iPhone in the Nuts (iPhone Wearing Cup)

Starting May 9th, Sprint will begin a massive, US$100 million marketing campaign aimed straight at the iPhone's nether regions. Stacking its 3G Instinct against the iPhone, Sprint hopes to show that EVDO and GPS make their product way better than anything coming out of Cupertino.

The problem isn't that the Instinct is necessarily a bad phone, or that Sprint is a worse service than AT&T. It's that Sprint's series of commercials will cost the company US$100 million to promote a message that will most probably be a moot point in one month if/when Apple announces their 3G iPhone. Here's their second commercial:

Also, in a more general suggestion to the advertisers of the world, never put your device side by side against a competitor if the competitor has a higher screen to case ratio. We'll probably be posting the other three spots as they come in...but even if we don't, expect to see the series all over the television soon.

Oh, and to put US$100 million into some perspective, that's more money than it would cost to run a 2009 Super Bowl commercial every day for a month. [via KansasCity]