Scientist Creates Cold Fusion For the First Time In Decades

Cold fusion, the act of producing a nuclear reaction at room temperature, has long been relegated to science fiction after researchers were unable to recreate the experiment that first "discovered" the phenomenon. But a Japanese scientist was supposedly able to start a cold fusion reaction earlier this week, which—if the results are real—could revolutionise the way we gather energy.

Yoshiaki Arata, a highly respected physicist in Japan, demonstrated a low-energy nuclear reaction at Osaka University on Thursday. In front of a live audience, including reporters from six major newspapers and two tv studios, Arata and a co-professor Yue-Chang Zhang, produced excess heat and helium atoms from deuterium gas.

Arata used pressure to force deuterium gas into an evacuated cell that contained a palladium and zirconium oxide mix(ZrO2-Pd). Arata said that the mix caused the deuterium's nuclei to fuse, raising the temperature in the cell and keeping the centre of the cell warm for 50 hours.

Arata's experiment would mark the first time anyone has witnessed cold fusion since 1989, when Martin Fleishmann and Stanely Pons supposedly observed excess heat during electrolysis of heavy water with palladium electrodes. When they and other researchers were unable to make it work again, cold fusion became synonymous with bad science.

But the method Arata showed was "highly reproducible," according to eye witnesses of the event. If nobody calls this demonstration out as a sham, Arata might have finally found the holy grail of cheap and abundant energy—nuclear power, without its destructive heat. [Physicsworld via Slashdot]

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    I bet you this guy "disappears"

      Oh, I am sure he will. Hopefully, his research will get distributed to others all over the world. Then making him "disappear" is kinda pointless.

      i bet he already has

    "the first time anyone has witnessed cold fusion since 1989"

    As I understand it, the problem isn't that people have been unable to replicate the original effect, but that it has been difficult to reproduce reliably. Some researchers attempting to duplicate the original experiment did publish papers claiming successful generation of excess heat. Is that cold fusion? I'm not qualified to say.

    Watch the American Oil Criminals tear this sucker and his work to pieces! They will not be satisfied until they actually start taking each other out, a sad spectacle indeed! This gentleman at least did have witnesses and cognizant ones too I hope! The best he can do to save his own ass is to publish everything to the net as fast as he can!

    Publish this now. Disappear from public eye, with your work. End up in a commune of geniuses whilst the world falls apart around you.

      Who is John Galt?

    Title claims a lot and the text is misleading. Notice that there is no author sited for this article.

    Doesn't the energy needed for evacuating the air and applying pressure to force in the deutrium gas exceed the energy output of the fusion? Unless this is energy generating, I don't see the utility in this. I would guess that if the goal is to simply produce energy, without care for the energy input, one could take a gas, put it under pressure and slowly release the pressure, thus generating energy. Not being a chemist

      "one could take a gas, put it under pressure and slowly release the pressure", That is how AC or refrigeration works, freon or other gas is compressed, then the pressure is released in the cooling coils. This demonstration created heat, not cold and for 50 hours.

    Google, Torrent, the movie, "Who Stole The Electric Car" to understand why this man's days are numbered here on earth! American corporatist gangsters will certainly be involved!

    The precepts for Room Temperature Fusion energy are sound, and I agree that while the dangers of certain industries that would be feeling that such a technology would drastically affect their bottom line.

    To my knowledge there was a mandate created in recent years for individuals & groups to provide models/designs for methods of cheap renewable energy which is still in effect. Is the president of the USA merely a pawn for Petrochemical companies?

    I applaud the ingenuity of the physicists!

    What a bunch of conspiracy theorists.

    This is great if it works, and that is a huge if. Seems like a strange way to introduce his development to the scientific community. I am unaware of any physics that would allow for this effect. It seems like it is probably a hoax to me.

      Don't be naive Alex. Do you really think that a collection of individuals that makes billions from oil and answers to nobody would just sit around while somebody invents something that has even a chance of replacing them? Suggesting that a few individuals could jump up and say they have found the beginning of a replacement for oil and that they could just develop it unhindered is beyond ridiculous. Their only hope is to leak it quietly to as many people as possible before they get discovered

    2010 and I haven't heard about cold fusion and it's energy on this planet yet.

    2 years later, we are still wondering if this was for real. Hint: nope.

    So this was reported 2 years ago - Today China and Japan are very much interested in the Moon and its resource of Helium3.

    Yet we haven't officially heard if scientists can recreate this phenomena.

    It would be a waste of a space program if they weren't extremely close or already were able to use cold fusion I think..

    Let us repeat the experiment all across the globe in different labs together, and compare & validate the results at a common platform, to arrive at a well defined conclusion.

    So, this was published 2008. Either the whole article is bogus, or the story was just "crushed" by the media and the physicist "invited" to never speak of it again to the public.

    Any follow up on this?

    Significant results were found by many who tried to duplicate Fleishman & Pons' experiment in '89 '90.

    The reaction was difficult to initiate, did not repeat reliably even in the same apparatus and was often slow to start.

    No one had an explanation for how the reaction worked.

    Universties were heavily invested in laser ignition or plasma containment. MIT got positive results but cooked data to report a negative, they later admitted doing so.

    Fleishman & Pons got screwed.

    right, 5 years later, how much progress have they made with this? they're still messing around with wind turbines aren't they, and they're still burning things, our world's run by a load of lunatics

    Any method that requires palladium is prohibitively expensive. This is a step towards understanding fusion, which is a long way from using fusion.

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