Scent Text Messaging Patented: Get Ready to Smell Farts from 3,000 Miles Away

Uh oh. A couple of companies in Germany have patented technology that enables sending scented text messages between phones. You know what this means: bring on the fart messages.

Actually, the way the system will work is by triggering one of 100 pre-defined scents on a chip in the phone, which seems less exciting and precise than what people would want to use it for. Yeah, being able to send a generic watermelon scent to someone is cool, I guess, but what if you want to send the specific scent of a dish you're eating to someone? Or, you know, a fart you're particularly proud of? It's a nice thought, guys, but until you figure out how to get the subtleties of my farts expressed with a proper amount of nuance, I'm not interested.

Now, just because I can, here's my favourite comedy sketch relating to farting, from the classic Mr. Show.

[The Local via Slashdot]

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