Samsung's High End 650 Series LCDs Reviewed (Verdict: Great)

CNet's reviewed Samsung's 52-inch 650 series LCD, the LN52A650. While there is a 750 series, it's worth noting that those sets get MPEG and MP3 playback from USB drives but have the same picture. So, for this generation of Samsung LCDs, this is as good as the picture gets. In summary, David Katzmaier loved the set.

The black level performance was probably not as good as the 81 series that uses LEDs (which I love.) But combined with the highly accurate colours, streaming of weather and stock data across the screen, 120Hz video processing, and excellent standard def processing earned this TV an Editor's Choice. The neggies? That same high gloss panel finish we've come to detest in daylight. Read the full review at [CNet. Samsung 6 and 7 series LCDs on Giz]

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