Radio to MP3 Recorder Looks Old-Style, Has Docking MP3 Player

While yesterday's radio-to-MP3 recorder reminded us of a modern Chumby, this one's style cues are more last decade. It's basically a digital-tuner radio, with FM, AM and short wave reception, but with a built-in, un-dockable portable MP3 player that can record to its own 256MB memory.

That 256MB gives you about 10 hours of radio recording, or you can transfer music to it from a PC and it even functions as a voice-recorder. The radio itself has a digital alarm clock, 400 presets and can receive NOAA weather band info, and two-way marine, aviation and ham radio broadcasts. So, despite looks that may appeal more to your Dad than yourself, it's pretty feature-packed. Which might be why it's available for a seemingly-large US$179.95. [Hammacher via Book of Joe]

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