Pioneer Kuro 2008 First Impressions: New Thin Plasma and Projector Beat All

Today we took a look at the Kuro 2G plasma compared to the 1G and others. We also had a look at the JVC-made projector that Pioneer is branding Kuro Elite. The hype—if not the price—seems totally worth it. But instead of trying to tell you how much I enjoyed the display of in-yer-face contrast comparison, take a look at the pics I snapped. I marked some with shutter speeds, so you can get a better sense of what we saw. More images of the thinnest Elite plasma monitor and a look at the projector after the jump.

Contrast Comparison - Shutter- 3-Sec-2Contrast Comparison - Shutter- One-SixthContrast Comparison - Shutter- One-Twenty-fifth

The projector demo was cool, because it's the first product Pioneer branded Kuro but didn't build itself. It was pretty impressive, though to be honest, there was no immediate comparison. Still, see for yourself:

Projector One-Sixth-Shutter 1Projector One-Sixth-Shutter 2Projector One-Sixth-Shutter 3

[Pioneer 2008 Kuro Launch on Giz]

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