Panasonic Prices 2008 Flagship PZ850 Plasma HDTV Line, Demos Viera Cast IPTV

Today Panasonic announced the list pricing of its flagship PZ850 line: 46" for US$3,100, 50" for US$3,500, 59" for US$4,300 and US$8,000 for the monster 65 incher. The smaller two sets will be available this summer, with the larger ones due out in the fall. The company also demoed the Viera Cast IPTV system that debuts with the 850; it's a first step into internet country with Picasa, YouTube, Bloomberg quotes and weather reports onboard at launch. Though not positioned as elite as the Pioneer, it's a very good looking TV with high-end colour reproduction and other technical features. Besides, the Viera Cast interface shown above and after the jump was cooler than expected.

Panasonic PZ850 with Cars Blu-rayPanasonic PZ850 with HD video on SD cardPanasonic TH-50PZ850Panasonic TH-50PZ850Panasonic TH-50PZ850

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