Optus Gets iPhone In Australia Too, Looks Like Exclusivity Is Dead

iphone optus.png

The rumours are true - the iPhone is coming to Australia, and it will be on multiple carriers. After Vodafone shouted out First! last week with their announcement that was rather short on details, Optus has today done the same thing, announcing that they will release the iPhone in the Asia region, including Australia, Singapore, India and The Philippines.

Users over at Whirlpool.net.au are saying that the Optus deal will be a timed exclusive, although there was no mention of it in the press release. All we know for sure is that Optus will be releasing the iPhone in Australia at some point this year.

This really is in line with the rumours we heard from the Australian MacTalk forums last month, where it would be across multiple carriers and available from Apple resellers. Optus promises us more details in the weeks to come, but I'm guessing we'll probably have to wait until at least June 9 before we hear any real details - Apple will be guarding any info on a 3G iPhone as close to their chests as possible.

[Optus via Whirlpool.net.au - Thanks Matt and Jack, and thanks James for the Photoshop!]

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