Nespresso Contest Could Make Tasty Coffee If You Knew How to Use Them

Nespresso—makers of single serve pseudo-coffee machines—have announced the winners for their design contest. The entries range from the abstract of the winner—"Untitled," by Brice Genre and Hanika Perez, left—to the 2001-like spiffiness of the second entry—"Pearl," by Andreas Diefenbach, center—to the completely absurd but pretty, as you will see in the full gallery with 21 concepts after the jump.

Picture 35wtmk.jpgPicture 34wtmk.jpgPicture 33wtmk.jpgPicture 26wtmk.jpgPicture 30wtmk.jpgPicture 29wtmk.jpgPicture 28wtmk.jpgPicture 27wtmk.jpgPicture 25wtmk.jpgPicture 24wtmk.jpgPicture 23wtmk.jpgPicture 21wtmk.jpgPicture 22wtmk.jpgPicture 20wtmk.jpgPicture 19wtmk.jpgPicture 18wtmk.jpgPicture 17wtmk.jpgPicture 16wtmk.jpgPicture 15wtmk.jpg

[Nespresso via Single Serve Coffee]

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