Myhab Recyclable Concert Dwellings Now Available For You to Do Horrible, Horrible Things In

We first came across the Myhab festival dwelling last year when designer James Dunlop was in the process of developing the concept. Now it appears that the Myhab is open for business in the UK. The customisable units are made from recycled plastic and waterproof cardboard and include foam mattresses, temperature insulation and a lockbox to store your valuable herbs possessions.


They are also pretty pricey to rent at a whopping £120 or $240 per person. That's right, I said "rent." Once the concert is through, the Myhab is dismantled and set up for the next customer. Man, we have come a long way from Woodstock where you had sex in the mud, did your drugs out in the open and loved every minute of it. No word on whether Myhab plans on expanding outside of the UK anytime soon. [Myhab via Hippyshopper via Core77]

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