My 15-Monitor Setup Sure Makes Up for My Lousy Childhood!

Oh, look at you with your three monitors. I bet you think you're king nerd of computer mountain, don't you? Well you know what? You suck. That's right. That's because I have fifteen monitors strung together making my screen bigger than all of yours. Did you hear me?! I HAVE THE BIGGEST SCREEN! Finally, I win at something!

This monster of a display setup is made possible by 9X Media's multi-display setups. Sure, it's likely to topple over and pin me down, leaving me to slowly starve to death in my own home, my mobile phone just out of reach up on my desk and no one coming to visit me or check on me because I've alienated all of my friends and family with my constant bragging and boasting about my gigantic monitor setup, but the fragging I'll do before that happens will make it all worth it.

This scalable setup will allow you to link between two to thirty monitors together and beyond, as long as you've got the juice to send your picture to that many screens and don't mind your US$500 monitors to be handing 8 pixels each. But hey, it's not the quality that counts, it's the ridiculous size, right? [9X Media via BornRich]

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