MacBooks Get SSDs (Unofficially)

While it's possible to install standalone solid state hard drives into most any laptop, it's always nice to see services selling preconfigured packages. Right now a company named ExperCom is offering both MacBooks and MacBook Pros with SSDs installed out of the box. And their prices are actually pretty reasonable.

While a new 15" Macbook Pro with 200GB hard drive will run you US$2,000 from Apple, Expercom's version with a 120GB SSD will only cost US$2649. That's only a $50 price premium over the drive's $600 pricepoint, so not nearly as bad as those beefed-up TiVos of yore. A 13" Macbook with 60GB SSD will cost US$1649...meaning that SSD laptops with functional hard drives will soon be getting downright buyable.

ExperCom will also transfer files off of existing systems you want to upgrade. That'll run you US$599 (60GB) or US$899 (120GB) for the full hardware and service. [ExperCom via TUAW]

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