Let BOB Do Your Parenting For You

Let BOB Do Your Parenting For You

Having kids is hard work. I mean, you have to go to work to feed them, and by the time you get home of a night, you don’t really want to have actually engage them or monitor their activities, do you? Especially when TV or video games can do just as good a job without your help, leaving you to sit back and relax with a good book and a glass of chardonnay.

Of course, some people say that too much TV is a bad thing, and you really should limit the amount of time your little devils spend glued to the set. But how to do it without actually having to give up your glass or chardy and your book?

With BOB, of course! A device that plugs into any monitor, and switches the screen off after a period of time determined by you. You can set it up for up to six kids, so once your kids have reached their hourly, daily, or weekly quota, the screen snaps off, leaving the kid to occupy themselves otherwise.

Which will probably involve going to a friend’s place whose parents aren’t jerks, joining a gang, or cutting on BOB with a pair of scissors. Whichever way, your kid isn’t going to be happy with you.

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