Kohler Fountainhead Toilet Makes Crapping So Luxurious You Won't Even Want to Wipe

This Kohler Fountainhead toilet looks so not like a conventional toilet that we'll probably have second thoughts about putting our asses on it and letting fly. Not only is there a glowing LED mechanism on the back to illuminate your business, but buttons on the lid allows it to automatically open up for #1 or #2. For the eco-maniacs, there's the 4.8 litre per flush system, saving water and dehydrating sewer crocodiles at the same time. How much would you pay for this? US$3,800? It's yours in June. It's the closest thing you'll get to taking a dump on Ayn Rand's work without resorting to defecating in the fiction aisle at Barnes and Noble. [Kohler via DVICE]

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