Jazz Trash Robot Bangs, Clicks and Beeps Its Way Into Our Hearts

Team koelse.org have created the Jazz Trash robot for the upcoming Artbots '08 competition, and as soon as the cobbled-together robot's music hit our ears, we liked it. The team's main idea is to connect a large number of experimental instruments together producing a huge array of strange sounds from recycled electro-mechanical components: "Anything from circuitbent toys to hardware-hacked vacuumcleaners." Interestingly the interactions mean that Jazz Trash can be sort of tuned, but what the end music will be is unpredictable, which explains the random, ear-grabbing nature of the sounds it makes in the video.

Jazz Trash Robot from dnnny on Vimeo.
Interesting, insistent sounds no? We like the faintly Rube Goldberg-like nature of the taped-together parts, and the fact that you can see bits whirling around to make sounds, much unlike a boring "normal" synthesiser.

We're not too sure about part of team Koelse's ethos though: "Our robot-project shows what we believe our future will look like." they say, based on simple and sustainable technology. Well, if they're right, we hope that the glue on the electrical tape holding our 2015 iPod together survives a 10km jogging outing. [Koti]

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