Hybrid Technologies Supercar Crushes Prius And Corvette

There's a car that's not slated for release until 2009 or 2010. It makes some wild claims. And no one in the media has driven it yet (since it's still in production). But with those caveats in mind, continue on to drop your jaw at Hybrid Technologies' upcoming still-nameless supercar.

Hybrid Technologies is working on a car coming in two flavours—all electric and hybrid. With the electric, they promise a 240 to 290-kilometre range per charge. With the lithium-ion hybrid, they promise a 93 km per litre minimum.

Those specs would be impressive in a golf cart.

But the most compelling part of it all is the alleged performance. Popular Mechanics asked Hybrid Technologies if their car could compete with the Corvette ZR-1 and its crazy V8 that induces mid-600s-scale horsepower. The company responded that they were "way out of the ballpark—it's gonna be wild." [Popular Mechanics]

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