HTC Touch Diamond, Raphael, Titanium and Find to Be Released Soon?

Following up on the news of HTC launching its most important product of the year next month, GSMArena dug up some more info on two phones they think will be unveiled there, the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Find. According to MSMobiles, the HTC Touch Find seems to a version of the HTC Touch Cruise, which is out already, but this seems to be a rounder, more ergonomic version. The HTC Touch Diamond is actually the T-Mobile MDA Compact IV shown at CeBIT 2008, and will have a 528MHz Qualcomm CPU and GPS. It'll also have an accelerometer (like the iPhone) to rotate the UI when you go horizontal.

The Raphael seems to be pretty interesting as well, and GSMArena says it's a successor to the HTC TyTN II (AT&T Tilt). It'll be sold as the Touch Pro, further illustrating how much junk HTC is shoving under the Touch brand, and still have a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

And last, the HTC Titanium, will be probably the HTC Touch Dual Pro and have a 12 or 20 key slide-out keypad. [GSM Arena and MS Mobiles]

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