Hands-On with the HTC Touch Diamond (Verdict: Slightly Sluggish, But Has Nice UI Touches)

The HTC Touch Diamond—iPhone Killer or just another Windows Mobile device? It kinda reminds me of a mini-iPhone. A couple of nice design features: the animated weather display (you can have up to six places' weather forecast bookmarked) makes me think of the widget on my MacBook; the click-wheel in miniature that lets you zoom in on the screen; and there's a very nifty little feature that automatically switches the phone onto silent mode when you lie it on its front. UI was much more attractive than I was expecting, but the touchscreen takes quite a bit of getting used to: it's sluggish to the touch, compared to the hot-butterish iPhone, but the HTC rep assured me that it's not a final version of the software, and everything should have been ironed out by the time of the European and Asian launches next month. So, to answer my questions, No, and No.


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