Greenpeace Says Your Games Consoles Are Toxic

Greenpeace Says Your Games Consoles Are Toxic

We know that Greenpeace don’t really like games consoles. We know that they don’t care much for Nintendo too. But it looks like they now have a good reason to hate on the gaming consoles after they pulled the controllers apart and found toxic chemicals inside.

Although they recognised that each of the consoles had avoided or reduced certain individual hazardous materials, they still found traces of hazardous compounds like bromine and phthalates.

Disturbingly, some of the compounds in your Xbox 360 and PS3 are known to “interfere with sexual development in mammals: including humans and, especially, males.” Which is surely going to become the number one excuse for gamers who don’t have girlfriends.

While none of the toxic chemicals found inside your console is ever going to make you sick, it’s not going to help the environment when you trash it for the next generation consoles.

Hit the link for the full report from Greenpeace.