GPS Maker "Scared Sh*tless" by GPS in iPhone

Inside a mostly speculative piece about iPhone nanos and GPS on the next iPhone, Popular Mechanics does have one pretty solid nuggest: The president of an unnamed GPS navigator maker (figure out who for bonus points) said he felt "scared shitless" by the prospect of an iPhone with GPS, because it'd be good enough for most users to never even glance at a separate GPS unit—with a decent-sized touchscreen and Google Maps interface, just add a carmount and you're good to go on foot or the road. In a way, this was inevitable.

Pretty much everything that fits a GPS module inside is rocking GPS, and more and more gadgets are getting GPS add ons (the PSP's looks particularly killer). While most of them don't touch high-end units in features or functionality, for your average trekker, they offer enough. So while more people than ever are using GPS, and that'll keep growing by leaps and bounds, the likes of Garmin and TomTom won't necessarily be reaping the windfall hawking the same old wares.

So yeah, they should worry about the iPhone. And the PSP. And everything else with a screen. When a technology truly becomes one of the masses, it's hard to hold on to it. [Popular Mechanics]

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