Golf Guns for People with Disabilities or Complete Nutters

We knew about the Golf Ball Launcher prototype, but now a company called Air Force Golf wants to actually sell a US$795 275m range model, starting next month. But really, why stop at 275 metres when you can do 460 metres using an AR-15 magazine-fed automatic rifle or an M-11 semi-automatic pistol?

That's what the people from Bloom Automatic promise with their US$45 adapter, which will launch golf balls as far as 460 metres, depending on the calibre of the gun. You just have to load a blank bullet, fire, and ducks will fall by the power of your balls. Or get it into the hole from tee box. And make ducks fall along the way. The adaptor works in a variety of weapons, form a M1911 Colt pistol to the Russian SKS semi-automatic carbine. Scary looking, yes, but better golf balls than actual bullets.

Air Force Golf's launcher, however, works on compressed air and it looks more friendly in all-white. The developer came up with the idea after his dad had a stroke, "leaving him without the use of both his right arm and leg." He said that a few months later he thought that this was a good way for people with disabilities to "keep enjoying the greatest game ever played," even if it was going to be in a completely different way. [Bloom Automatic and Air Force Golf via UberGizmo]

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