Gizmodog Drugs Addy, Attacks Jesus and Mario, Takes Over Sunday Column

woof woof woof woof woof jones here. i am addy and jesus' dog, and today i am doing what master jesus does everyday, sitting in front of this big screen and going bang bang bang on this flat thing that makes clicking noises, heh heh. addy's no better you know. lies in bed or on the sofa with this square black thing on her lap going tap tap bang bang click click and ignoring nice doggies. so jones has had his revenj yes he has. drugged blindfolded and out cold, addy is tied up in the bathroom and i'm going to have some fun doing the bang bang click click thing on the black square thingy. i'm here, fellow webmongrels, to tell you about my favourite shiny things—no, not turds, but gadgets that are better than the iphone. and then youre going to see me play smackdown with mario racing cart oh yesyesyes jones the dog ftw.

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