Ford Adds a Fridge to the Flex

Ford has upped the ante in the options department by offering drivers of the 2009 Flex a US$760 refrigerator upgrade that fits snugly underneath the armrest in the back seat. The fridge isn't huge, but it can hold seven 12-ounce cans (no, not beer) or four half-liter bottles—which is not bad for a road trip. It is also runs off a compressor making it a bona fide refrigerator that can take a drink from room temperature down to 5 degrees Celcius in two- and-a-half hours. If you choose the freezer option, the temperature drops to a frigid -5 degrees Celcius. With any luck, Ford will offer a Flex oven and Flex toilet option sometime in the near future. Then I would be ready to move in.

[Kicking Tires via Autoblog via Gearfuse]

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