DigiFi Digital Opera Earphones Use Wireless Kleer Tech

DigiFi's new Digital Opera headphones use the high-efficiency, high-quality Kleer wireless tech to get your tunes from your iPod to your ears. We're also digging the neat over-ear design with curly cable, which looks like it'll be good non-tangler, and the fact that up to four people can listen to the same feed, as long as they have the earphones too. They have over 10 hours play time, and have "CD-quality" audio, or so says DigiFi. We're not sure about the "iPod adapter" part though, since it looks a lot like there's just a headphone jack there but no iPod socket, doesn't it? Hey ho. It'll be available worldwide, starting in Korea from now, for about US$98. [Aving]


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