Carriers Have the iPhone 2, But Leaked Images Are All Fake

Yesterday I was talking with a contact in one of the European carriers that will be selling the iPhone 3G in June. I'm really getting sick of people claiming that they got leaked images while it is painfully obvious that they are fake. Yesterday, a white version appeared and gullible people still believed it may be true, even while it is obvious that it is the same third-party case we saw in black not so long ago. So I asked: "really, do you guys have the iPhone 3G?"

Yes, we have iPhone 3Gs to test with their network and services. However, they are not the actual iPhones.

In other words: their engineers got the guts, but not the iPhone itself in final form. No design features, no leaked photos, no shit. Just the necessary stuff to do field tests. In fact, nobody outside of Cupertino has seen it, except VIP people who have met with His Steveness.

This is exactly what happened when the first iPhone was getting ready to launch in the United States. AT&T people will get part of the hardware, not even the user interface part, to test their service and network.

So even while the final phone may look like these fakes (after all, there's only a limited number of ways to design a touch-screen cellphone,) the fact is that there are no iPhones 3G out there for people to take blurry photos. Security at Apple keeps being as strong as always, so if you people see another allegedly leaked photo of the iPhone 3G, posted somewhere to drive traffic or call for attention or make fun of gullible people, just remember this: no iPhones 3Gs are running rampant around. And friends don't let friends believe in fake shit. [Gizmodo iPhone Coverage]

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