Brando Sets its Sights on Your IQ with Brain Twist Pyramid Puzzle

It may be way too early on Monday morning to get you pondering the inner workings of your IQ and EQ, but nevertheless here's this new gizmo from our favourites Brando. It's a puzzle supposedly designed to improve both of those measures of intelligence, working in a sort-of, but not quite, Rubik's Cube kind of way. The idea is that as you twist and wiggle the the cone-like wings of the puzzle, trying to match up the colours on each face, you're working on your right brain (with spatial reasoning and mental imagery) and your left brain (strong nonverbal logic). Both halves of my brain are currently stalled and needing a coffee, but then maybe a spin with this toy would perk me up just as well. Available now for US$14.90. [Brando]

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