BlackBerry 9000 Final Specs, AT&T Exclusive for US Launch

Not much we don't already know in what BGR is calling the final spec list for the BlackBerry 9000—3G HSDPA in the 850/1900/2100MHz bands, Wi-Fi, GPS and 480x320 LCD, etc.. The big nugget is that AT&T will be the first carrier to launch worldwide, as well have it exclusively in the US. So, T-Mo users are gonna have a bit of a wait The sorta good news for you is that one of the HSDPA bands the 9000 supports, 2100MHz, is one of T-Mobile's two 3G bands (1700MHz is the other), so if you're in an area covered by it, you can grab some 3G goodness on an unlocked phone. Otherwise, and they better get cuddly with EDGE if they're thinking about unlocking. Update: Astute commenters have pointed out that the way T-Mobile splits its 3G bands, you're actually still screwed on 3G here. [BGR]

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