Best Summertime Gadget Ever: Fizz Cup Bottle Top Makes Ice Cream Sodas Anywhere

Damn I love me some ice cream sodas. Coke floats, root beer floats, whatever. They are the ultimate in 45-degree-weather deliciousness. Problem is, it's hard to find them anymore. But Fizz Top will let you make them anywhere—screw it onto a soda bottle, add whatever ice cream you want, and then squeeze the carbonated sugar water of your choice into the top for floaty awesomeness. What's great is that since you control how much soda mixes with the ice cream, you can get the consistency exactly how you want it: drinkable soda ice cream, or ice cream with a splash of soda. Man, this just makes the rainy day outside my window that much more depressing. [Firebox via Shiny Shiny]

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