Apple’s Sydney Store To Open Next Week?

Apple’s Sydney Store To Open Next Week?

As the countdown to June 9 and the Apple WWDC gets closer, more and more rumours are flying off the shelves regarding Apple’s next-gen iPhone. But another big Apple launch may be happening even earlier if a conversation the guys from TechWiredAU had with some construction workers is true.

The guys were making their way down to CeBit last week via the corner of George and King streets in Sydney when they had a little conversation with some construction workers who said the store would be opening next week. Which would be this week, going off the date of the video. So are Apple about to wrench the covers off the store on an unsuspecting public without warning? In a word – no.

Then there’s the rumour that Mr Jobs will be on hand to open the store first hand. If it is true (and part of me keeps looking at my X-Files styled “I want to believe” poster every time I think about it) then it probably won’t happen until mid-to-late June at the earliest.

I’m sure Apple will be inviting local media to the opening, so as soon as I receive my invite, you guys will know.

[TechWiredAU via – Photo courtesy of Scottyh]