Alleged 3G iPhone Looks Like Le Fake, Le Merde

Some frogsters* with no track record are claiming that this piece of scratched plastic—which in the photo looks like a cheapo LG mobile phone clone wannabe—is the new iPhone 3G. Although it matches the rumoured all-black and specs, we don't believe it's the real thing. The reason: these photos have been up since 12:04AM Central European Time and it's now 4:04PM. That's 16 hours up with no Cease and Desist order—and Apple Europe is as aggressive with leaks as Cupertino. In any case, check its back and tell us what you think after the jump.

Whatever it is, the back looks as bad as the front (including the deformed Apple logo), at least in these photos. We have a hard time imagining that anything like this could come out of Monssieur Jonathan Ive's brain. Or better said, we have a hard time envisioning us buying what looks like a soulless piece of machinery, even while the true soul of the iPhone is its operating system.

We will see if we get a cease and desist email—now that Cupertino is waking up—but for now, remember our first rule of rumours: never, ever trust them. [iPhon—Thanks Jean Paul]

* Yes, frogsters. You see, this is completely unrelated to the fake iPhone, but I'm in Madrid, Spain, and today is the 200th Anniversary of the uprising against the French occupational forces in Madrid, which started the revolution that kicked Napoleonic troops out of the country. So today it's frogsters, or the Spanish equivalent, gabachos. (And for the record, I love France.)

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