10 Awesome Grills You Can Buy For The Ultimate Memorial Day BBQ

The Memorial Day weekend is finally here. For many of us, that means it is time to travel and or bust out the grill and cook up some meat. However, with gas prices being the way they are, you may be passing on the road trip this year. So, now that you are free to focus on throwing the ultimate BBQ this weekend, you are going to need some serious equiptment—like the examples found after the break. And, unlike many of the extreme grills out there, these are priced to own.

tower-smoker.jpgBBQ Tower Smoker: This six-foot-tall smoker has enough racks and surface area to simultaneously cook just about any type of meat that you can think of. And it won't take up a ton of your patio space. Available for US$500. [Hammacher Schlemmer via Link]

The Ultimate Tailgating Trailer: If a sporting event is in the cards this weekend, kick your tailgating party up a few notches with this tailgating trailer from Gameday Customs. The standard model includes a 26-inch LCD, satellite dish, CD/DVD player, 1000 Watt generator, and a toilet—but you will need to upgrade to get your fresh water system with sink, refrigerator and, of course, the BBQ itself. Naturally, partying this hard will set you back a few—to the tune of US$14,000 or more. [Gameday Customs via Link]

Solar Powered Grill: It will probably take a year to cook a burger with a grill that reflects the sun's rays, but if you have a thing about the environment this may be an attractive option. Was available for US$249. (Or you could build one yourself, like this guy.) [Tammock via Link]

drive-n-grill.jpgKoolatron Portable "Drive N' Grill": If you decide to take a road trip this weekend, that doesn't mean you have to pass on the BBQ. This portable grill plugs right into your cigarette lighter to keep you cooking while on the go. And it is actually called the "Drive N' Grill," so my guess is that safety isn't a top priority. Available for US$36. [1ofakindbuys]

longhorn-steel-grill.jpgLonghorn Steel Grill: Nothing beats cooking meat in a grill shaped like meat. Available for $1699. [Traeger Grills]

Smoker and Grill Trailer: This smoker/grill combo hitches to the back of your vehicle and features a whopping 108"-long cooking chamber for serious BBQ projects. Available for US$8545.04. [Grill Showroom]

Beer Barrel BBQ: This simple design makes for a charcoal grill that is big enough to entertain your guests, but small enough to transport just about anywhere. Available for around US$140. [Drinkstuff]

Ariete SteakHouse Indoor Grill: The product page calls it a grill, but we know a steak toaster when we see one. The SteakHouse cooks your meat vertically and heats it from the side so the fats and grease drip down into a tray without smoking. Yup, sounds like a toaster to me. Available for US$220. [Ariete via Link]

cook-n-dine-grill.jpgCook N' Dine Tabletop Grill: This tabletop grill functions indoors or out thanks to a flameless cooking mechanism that runs on electricity. The centre of the stainless steel surface forms a shallow cooking pit that heats up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit—no pots or pans necessary. Prices start at around US$1600. [Cook n' Dine via Link]

ultimate-grill-and-smoker.jpgThe Ultimate Smoker and Grill: Technically you can't buy this gigantic smoker and grill, but you can rent it for a carnival-sized crowd. This beast can cook 200 steaks or 1,000 hot dogs simultaneously, it can slow smoke 2,000 pounds of meat and it features a 48" flat screen television with satellite and a Bose sound system to entertain guests. Rental packages start at US$5,000 (before additional expenses). [Adventure Alliance]

Bonus Accessories: Now that you have the grill, you are going to need some cool accessories to go with it. Here are a few favourites:

roast-my-weenie.jpgRoast My Weenie: This little dude has balls of steel—literally. Available for US$15. [Roast my Weenie]

BBQ Sword: Ha Ha...pork sword. Available soon for US$29.99. [Firebox via Link]

Condiment Pistol: Fill up this oversized cartoon gun with your favourite condiments and blast your burgers. Plus, you will always have the upper hand if a food fight breaks out. Available soon for around US$30. [Firebox via Link]