Your HearWare Apparel Changes Colour to Match Their Mood

HearWare is clothing that listens. Like any good listener, the concept design by Younghui Kim and Milena Iossifova understands the sounds around it, and produces an appropriate response. In HearWare's case this means using LEDs and electroluminescent wires embedded in the fabric of your favourite skirt, bags or pants.

A calming ocean surf might become a brilliant blue, perhaps, or that cabbie's tirade about you stepping into traffic is expressed via your fabulous handbag as an angry sun-fire red. The intensity of light depends on the level of sound. The louder the environment, the more your apparel lights up. Combine this with Addy's wearable warzone antenna and you'd have quite the light show on your hands, I imagine. Just keep it away from the night missions. [HearWare via Talk2MyShirt]

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