Why Do You Think Apple is Good or Evil?

We ran this photoshop contest of Steve Jobs, asking for Good and Evil versions of the man. For some reason, we got an overwhelming result of Evil Steve Jobs entries. Actually, they're almost all evil Steve Jobs photoshops. Is that because it's more fun to dress him up as Osama than it is to make him Jesus Christ? Or is it because people actually think Apple is evil?

I judge the company by the products, and I use most of em, and am happy with most of them. I also note how swiftly the company responds to public outcry with generally reasonable responses. (SDK, Airport Extreme Time Capsule support, iPhone pricing rebate.) So I consider their actions and products to be generally on the side of good. But clearly, there is something going on there in terms of public perception, Jobs's reputation as a tough cookie, their closed ecosystems and their recent success.

So, what do you think? Apple: Good or Evil and Why? Or were the photoshoppers just having a bit of fun with Steve?

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