Wakey Wakey, Hands On Snakey, It's the Twist Torch from Brando

Measuring 81 centimeters, this Twist Torch from Brando can be bent into any shape you wish. The more brutal amongst you may even use it to perform home endoscopies, and the more fashion-conscious may wish to wear it as a necktie at your club so that the steward doesn't throw you out for being incorrectly dressed. The pervy may want to stick it where the sun don't shine and make Innerspace-esque videos, the DIY geek may want to light up murky little crannies with it, and the plain loco may want to sit it in a basket, play namby-pamby music on a recorder, and wait for it to sit up and start swaying.


All this craziness in a tube will cost you US$11. [Brando]

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