Tresling Tetris Arm Wrestling Bridges Gap Between Brains and Brawn

Update: We have video of the action! Tetris geeks must rely on brute force as much as mental agility to win in Tresling, a new version of the classic game. Opponents are pitted against each other on an arm wrestling board, and the pieces shift based on whoever is in control. Wanna get that straight piece in position for a four line combo? You better hit the gym, sissy. Of course, you can't win on beefcakey-ness alone, a good deal of strategy is required to move the pieces where you want them to land. We really enjoy creator Tom Gerhardt's attempt to turn Tresling into a lifestyle, and not just a game, complete with a Communist-style logo and calls for back-alley matches. Check out the official site to "join the revolution". [Tresling - Thanks Tom!]

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