There's No Place Like Home, Even If It's Upside-Down Or Suspended in Mid-Air

PointClickHome took a look at 15 incredible houses that defy physics, conventional design, and every zoning law imaginable. We were most fond of this upside-down house from Poland—the builder's statement against Communism, apparently—as well as a house that turns towards the sun in winter and away during the summer and the Ukrainian "Floating Castle" that looks like it's supported by four toothpicks. See our most gadgetastic favourites in the gallery, then go to PCH for the full roundup. [PointClickHome via Curbly]

Free Spirit Houses (British Columbia, Canada)Heliotrope Rotating House (Freiburg, Germany)Rozak House (Darwin, Australia) Rozak House (Darwin, Australia)Single Hausz (Anywhere)Pod House (New Rochelle, New York)Floating Castle (Ukraine)

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