The Pirate Bay to Turn Tables, Sue International Music Industry

Oh, Pirate Bay. You know just what to do to get people's attention, you rabble rousers. In February, The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI; essentially, the international RIAA) went to court and got Danish ISP Tele2 to block access to the famous BitTorrent tracker. It now appears that the courts are going to side with The Pirate Bay on this one, and if so, guess what? The Pirate Bay is going to sue the music industry for damages. Gotta love it.

If they're able to win, they plan to use the money for good, not evil.

We will demand an amount of cash that we feel will be reasonable (Not counting like Ifpi themselves, we actually understand economy a bit more). With the money (when/if we get it) we will start a Danish grant if possible. The grant will give out money to Danish aspiring artists for making music and releasing it for free. And all will be sponsored by Ifpi since they tried to fuck those people over. Poetic justice.

Keep on keepin' on, Pirate Bay. [BrokeP via The Register]

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