Teuco Sorgente Bathtub Is a Bathroom Accident Waiting To Happen

When Teuco isn't creating ludicrously expensive cromoexperience showers for Adam Frucci, they're inventing jaw-dropping Sorgente bathtubs that straddle the line between extravagant cleanliness and modern art. That is, if by modern art you mean a dangerous, gaping hole in the floor of your bathroom.

Not only does the Sorgente look expensive, but its unusual design also means you'll have to build the bathroom around it, instead of the commoner way of throwing in a plastic shell. The tub completely submerges into the floor, and creates that seamless effect by way of a specially designed brim seen in the picture below (think Infinity Pool for the water closet set).

Once you enter the pool, er tub, eight "hydrosilence" whirlpool jets massage your kiester after a long day of driving the Maserati around Rodeo Drive. Meanwhile, the entire tub is surrounded by a choice of teak or oak woods, or three different varieties of stone.

Pricing wasn't listed on the Teuco product page, but if you have to ask, right? [Teuco via Notcot]

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