TeaCube Auto-Undangles Tea Bags for Perfect Cuppas

All the knowledge about freshly drawn, freshly boiled water making the best cup of tea won't help you if you're as absentminded as me. Four times out of five, I forget all about the tea bag and leave it dangling in the water until the liquid is as dark as the inside of a cat, and just about as tasty. Which is where the TeaCube by Jieun Yang and Hanah Suh would come in handy—its timed retracting spool fishes out a clipped-in tea bag for you at exactly the right moment. Simplicity itself. Combine it with the self-stirring cup, and tea-making couldn't be easier. It's just a design concept, but tea addicts like me would love for someone to really produce it. Please? [Yanko design]


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