Synology's New RAID NAS Servers Claimed as Fastest Non-PC NAS

Synology's new SATA NAS servers offer up to 4TB storage capacity and Synology is claiming they're the fastest non-PC RAID 5 NAS servers there are. The desktop Disk Station DS508 takes five hot-swappable drives, while the rack-style Rack Station RS408 fits in four drives for up to 3TB RAID 5 capacity.

The RS408RP is the same, but has backup power supply in case of power outage. Users supply their own drives. All have 49MB/second read, 30MB+/sec write speeds and have 8W CPU power consumption, making them much more eco-friendly than similar systems which draw up to 80W.

While they're aimed at small businesses, the fast speeds mean they may well appeal to gamers with powerful setups. The desktop DS508 is available in June for US$1,029.95, the rack versions for US$1,499.95 and US$1,799.95 from July. [Synology]

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