Study Shows No Facebook Means No Staff (Kinda)

Study Shows No Facebook Means No Staff (Kinda)

Our good old friend Angus Kidman is reporting over at APC that a new study has shown that companies who block social networking sites like Facebook at work are less likely to hang onto their staff than companies that support the online timewaster.

The study was carried out by the law firm Deacons, and found that of the 691 workers questioned, 16% said that having access to social networking sites would be a major influence in choosing a job. When you drop the age bracket to people under 24, that percentage rises to almost 25%.

Other nuggets included the 76% of people who believed that there were benefits to companies who allowed social networking, and the 68% who thought that having access to social networks showed they were trusted. Of course, how the figures reached so high when only 62% of the surveyed workers actually had internet access at work doesn’t quite add up.

So what do you think? Does being able to poke friends on Facebook during your working day play a part in your job decision making? Is Facebook blocked at your work? And do you see these sites as timewasters that are only going to hurt productivity? Post your thoughts in the comments!