Spider-Pig and Homer Simpson Made of Folders Are Good Excuse for Desktop Clutter Art Contest

Spider-Pig! Spider-Pig! He's made of folders, Spider-Pig is! Can you make him into bacon? No you can't! He's foldspider pig! Lookout! Here comes Spider-Pig! Today a reader sent us an ad illustration made out of Finder folders and document icons, which gave me an excuse for two things: 1) organise a desktop clutter art contest for Mac and PC users, and 2) get out my head the song that I've been humming all morning. Full high definition Spider-Pig "illustration" and instructions about how to do it right after the jump.

As I've discovered after making Homer and Spider-Pig, these things are not easy. Follow these steps to make one.

1. Clean up your desktop.
2. Get an empty folder (or a set of folders in different colors,) document icons, or whatever other thing is around your desktop. Don't get big documents, as you will need to duplicate them to create your image.
3. Third, deactivate automatic snap-to-grid in the view desktop options in Windows or Mac OS X.
4. Optionally, load an image in the background to "trace."
5. Start placing your folders/icons/whatever, always on a row and rendering the subject matter from top to bottom to ensure that no text from the icons on the top rows overlaps the icons on the bottom rows.

Please sent your illustration to [email protected]

This is the original image that we saw from Teknograd

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