Shower-Proof Suit Sounds Stupid, Actually Brilliant

Shower-Proof Suit Sounds Stupid, Actually Brilliant
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What do you get when you combine Australian ingenuity (and wool) and Japan’s hot, sweaty climate and love for crazy products? The answer is a suit that you can wear in the shower.

Crazy? Or brilliant? After getting past the question of why you would wear a suit in the shower, we’re opting for the latter. You see, you wouldn’t actually wear the suit in the shower – the fast drying Australian Merino wool simply lets you hose the suit down to wash it, then you hang it up and let it dry. While it’s drying, the suit will regain its shape, meaning that you don’t have to take it down to the dry cleaners to get it spruced up.

The main feature of the suit is the quick-dry aspect, which comes from using natural water-repelling amino acids found in hair, nails and skin. That might sound gross, but if it means a daily clean suit just from showering, who cares? And when you see the price – about the equivalent of $530 – you’ll want to wear all your suits in the shower.

Sadly, it’s only available in Japan at the moment, although The Telegraph is reporting that the company behind it wants to launch the suit in Britain soon. There’s also a video of the suit being washed here.

[The Telegraph via The Earth TimesThanks Yash!]
[Photo from The Telegraph]