Rotator Bath-cum-Shower (Stop Sniggering at the Back) is Confusing

I have a soft spot for Ron Arad. His Bookworm bookshelf was the first piece of designer furniture I craved (admittedly, this might have been due to the fact that it was up on the wall in the apartment of a boy I craved.) He has me confused now, though, with this design for a bathtub-shower-thingie that ever-so-slightly reminds me of this crazy wall sculpture from last year. Called Rotator, it transforms from shower to bath and back again, but there's something about its continuous trickle of water that makes me want to... hang on, back in a bit.


Ah, that's better. The Rotator is made of some kind of substance called duralight® (important enough for a "registered" symbol, but not important enough for capitals, that's, like, profound.) It's on show at this week's Salone di Mobile in Milan, or the Furniture Fair if you're a pleb like me who can't speak Italian, and, aspazzarently, it is "a new enjoyable experience in which a continuous and unexpected flow of water becomes the protagonist." Is anyone else finding it hard to get a handle on its proportions? It looks Lilliputian in size to me. Ah well, file alongside the self-stirring cuppa, I think. [Dezeen]

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