RIM to Support Windows Mobile

RIM has just announced they shall support the Windows Mobile platform, which is likely to shock and awe the iPhone just a little. The announcement comes from the chambers of CTIA and the first model RIM plans on shipping is a reworked version of the Pearl, but with a Windows Mobile OS in place of the usual RIM offering. The new device is expected to drop this summer, and with iPhone adding assholes businessmen and women to the books with Exchange support, this move looks like it may give RIM a little room to hold onto the top spot with the portfolio-carrying, Apprentice wannabes.

(Mr T doesn't know what Windows Mobile is, so it can't be too important. Mr T doesn't know what sex is, so that can't be too important. Mr T does know that the golden rule; the man with the most gold rules, and this RIM rubbish don't got no gold, so it doesn't rule, fool! Mr T is going to watch the A-Team on his iPod touch.)[Pocket PC Thoughts]

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