Remember, Tony Stark Needs Your Haikus To Build His Iron Suit


With the long weekend and everything, some of you may have forgotten all about our Iron Man Haiku competition, where you could win a double pass to the new film and an Iron Man webcam.

Well, now's the time to remember, and let the poet inside of you free. Here are just some of the impressive entries we've had so far:

Iron Man Can't Pee
Without A Zip On His Suit
He's Rusted Inside


Yes the suit can fly
But there is one oversight
Damned Blue Screen of Death


Periodic Chart?
Ignore it to name myself
Or else I'm 'Fe'-Male

But don't let these shining examples put you off entering. There's still two more days before judging occurs, so find a tranquil garden, meditate and find your inner Iron Man poet. The world needs you now.

[Iron Man on Giz]

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