Reinventing The Water Jug – An Exercise In Art

Reinventing The Water Jug – An Exercise In Art


You wouldn’t necessarily think that the humble water jug would be in need of reinvention – it’s been working pretty well for centuries. But that didn’t stop the Australian crew at Vert Design – those crazy cats behind the MC Mallet – from having a pretty good attempt at it.

In their own words:

Cup & Jug from Vert design is an exploration of fluidity, interaction and function. It’s smooth, organic form has a lightness and elegance that addresses notions of aesthetic appeal. It is a unique design that is stylish, functional and natural to use.
Cup & Jug was designed with seamless user interaction in mind. A simple rotation of the wrist and hand results in a natural pouring action, unlike other conventional jugs. The spout works as air outlet when filling the body with liquid and provides a smooth pouring function when in use.

It looks awesome, and is available in a range of colours. But anybody willing to drop 500 big ones on a water jug must be earning too much…

[Vert Design]