Real Mario Kart Doesn't Have Banana Peels, Power-Ups, It's Very Cool Anyway

Mario Kart for the Wii is available today in all US stores, but if you want the real thing, you can pass on the lame wheel and get this Nintendo-licensed real-life Mario Kart Slot Car Racing set, with cute 1:43 Mario "B-Dasher" and Wario "Brute" cars, 20.34 feet of track with fly-over sections, power transformer, and controllers with a "Turbo Speed" button for "added racing bost." Sadly no instant enemy shrinking, calamari ink or banana peels are included. Looking at the size, it's probably fully compatible with Donkey Kong, Yoshi and classic Mario cars from the Nintendo Mario Kart DS Track Race Set:

This one is available for $US34.99 but runs on 4 AA batteries.

[ThinkGeek and WowZzers!]

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